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Plastic Water Bottles

Specialized In Plastic Water Bottles

White Whale Cups Co. Ltd is a specialized plastic water bottles manufacturer in China. We are one of the biggest exporters of plastic water bottles for customers throughout the world.

Our plastic water bottles are most popular amongst the masses because of their virtues of being easy to carry, light in weight and their resistance to breakage and shattering. White Whale Cups being the leading plastic water bottles manufacturer cares for nature so PET and few other varieties of plastic bottles are environment-friendly and can be recycled, re-used over the times. We offer a wide range of sizes, shapes, and colors, at affordable in price.

If you want us to design entirely new water bottle; we, the best plastic water bottles manufacturer, help you with design, molds and product proofs. We have produced custom designed plastic water bottles for many clients with logo and additional specific information imprinted on them. We, as a leading plastic water bottles manufacturer, promise that your final product will be of an exceptional quality at a very reasonable price with everything that you purchase from us.

Packaged Water: Is It Healthy to Drink Water From Plastic Bottles?

Let's talk about bottled water today. To do this, think for a moment about these questions: Do you buy water in plastic bottles? Or do you buy it in glass bottles? When buying bottled water we always look at its composition, know its origin, or know if it is weak mineralization, but have you ever wondered what impact plastic can have on our health ?

Today, Plastic water bottles manufacturer invite you to know this interesting information with us.

Packaged Water: Which is The Healthiest?

Nowadays we find water packed in two forms in our supermarkets: in glass and in plastic. Plastic containers have always been controversial. They have a very negative impact on the environment, caused by a very powerful industry, responsible for generating plastic, labelling and even water privatization. However, the most important aspect is to know if this type of water is healthy or not for our health.

Attributes of Our Plastic Water Bottles

  • Impact resistant and have an excellent moisture barrier
  • Plastic bottles have very good chemical and oil resistance
  • These allow very low oxygen transmission
  • The bottles are designed in such a way as to ensure no leakage irrespective of how they are held
  • Clarity is one of the many advantages of using plastic water bottles. Transparent bottles are preferred for any visible impurities that can be detected.
  • Plastic bottles are lightweight
  • Durable, rugged and safe to use
  • Lighter in weight
  • Provide brilliant thermal insulation
  • Easy to recycle

Using Certified Food-grade Raw Materials

All plastics that are used in the manufacturing process is of certified food-grade raw material. Being the responsible plastic water bottles manufacturer, we always use imported high-quality raw plastic materials. We are dedicated to developing more excellent products with the spirit of continuous innovation to reward the support of current and potential clients.

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