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Benefits of Recycling Plastic Water Bottles

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Nowadays, most plastic bottles of water and soft drinks are made of a polymer called polyethylene Merthiolate or PET by plastic water bottles manufacturer.

Features of plastic bottles:
– Lightweight (less weight).
– High brightness and great transparency.
– Great mechanical resistance to compression and falls.
– Preservation of the organoleptic properties of food (flavor and aroma).
– Excellent barrier properties against gases (carbon, oxygen, etc.).
– It favors the saving of resources in its production and distribution (energy saving).
– Recyclable and with the possibility of producing reusable containers.

Apart from mineral water and carbonated beverages, PET plastic bottles also serve as packaging for products such as cooking oils, juices, teas, isotopic drinks, wines and alcoholic beverages.

bicyle squeeze water bottle

Benefits of Recycling PET Plastic

Over the years, the industry has been assuming environmental concerns and demands and has significantly decreased the amount of material required to manufacture bottles.

For example, a drink bottles manufacturer for water has decreased its weight by 35% in the last two decades. Also, today, a 1.5-liter container is manufactured with only 35 grams of material.

Recycling plastic bottles saves a good amount of oil -one ton of oil for every two tons of plastic that is recycled- and we achieve great energy and economic savings, as well as an obvious benefit to the environment; by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

In this way we also reduce the amount of waste that accumulates in landfills. To give you an idea, a ton of recycled PET plastic is equivalent to saving between 25 and 35 square meters of space in a landfill, or 3.32 tons of CO2 that would have been emitted if not for recycling.

Remember that once the product is completely consumed, it should be placed in the yellow container, along with the rest of the plastic, metal and bricks containers.

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